Cookies policy

Effective Date: 07.02.2024

This document outlines the guidelines governing the utilization of cookies on the website, administered by IT WORK Maintenance, headquartered in Bucharest.


Cookies are small text files generated by our website and stored on your computer or other devices used for internet access. They gather data regarding your interaction with the website.

Types of Cookies Used

Our website may utilize the following types of cookies:
Session Cookies: Temporary files stored on your device until you log out, leave the website, or close your web browser. They are employed to recognize devices and contain information about system settings.
Persistent Cookies: Stored for a specified period or until manually deleted. They may contain similar information to session cookies and facilitate website optimization, remembering passwords, preferences, and enhancing website functionality.
Third-Party Cookies: Information sourced from external websites such as advertising servers, company servers, and service providers collaborating with These cookies enable the personalization of ads based on user preferences and habits, facilitating the evaluation of ad effectiveness and the creation of generalized user profiles.

Purposes of Cookie Usage

a. Optimization: Cookies are utilized to enhance website speed, functionality, and security. They enable seamless navigation, eliminating the need for repeated authentication and facilitating the maintenance of the IT system’s security.
b. Statistics Collection and Analysis: Cookies are employed to analyze user behavior, enabling the development of services based on user insights.
c. Advertising: Cookies aid in presenting offers on external websites.

Cookie Management

Users have the option to manage cookie sharing and storage through their web browser settings. By continuing to use the website after being informed about cookie usage, users implicitly accept the cookie policy.
To opt-out of cookies for advertising purposes, users can adjust settings on specific platforms:
• Facebook / Meta:
• Google:

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